The Armor Custom Fit


The Armor Custom is our top of the line product, its shell is made of carbon fiber and offers many options for personalization. Too see the most recent creations check our Instagram and Facebook.. *During checkout with this item $15 will be added to cover the shipping of the impression kit that is included.


The Armor is a harness based off a carbon composite shell. The rigidity of the shell works brilliantly at distributing the force from the kite evenly over the entire area of the harness. They are so efficient at spreading load that I have been able to make the harnesses about 25% smaller than regular ones, decreasing weight, and increasing the range of movement. The final detail that really sets them apart is the option for custom graphics and colors. We inlay graphics directly into the shells so riders can get something that matches their style.
To get the custom fit we will send you a kit that you can use to copy the curves of your back. You then send it back to use and we will use it as a guide to create the carbon fiber shell of your harness.

Our harnesses currently to not come with spreader bars but pretty much any brand should be compatible with our harnesses.

User Reviews

"I just wanted to let you know that although I've been dealing with a wedding and no wind recently, the harness is amazing. The first time I wore it, the thing fitted me so snugly that I didn't do the bar up tight enough and the bar popped up over the velcro/neoprene front part when I was dragging back to my board. The harness still didn't move though! Since I strapped myself in properly it's been perfect, plus my back has been getting better and stronger too. Whether that's the harness or me concentrating on it more I don't know, but either way, I'm stoked."
-Joe T

"My Engine harness Lets me progress further and push the limits of kitesurfing, thanks! You rock."
-Patrick Rebstock

"This is some sick shit homie".
-Ian Alldredge

"Coleman, so pleased with my harness, had another great session on it today, can't imagine going back to an ordinary harness."
-Mike W.

"Thanks so much for making something so brilliant. I am super happy with how it felt on the water yesterday and I am sure my back will be thanking me (and you) in the long run."
-Gunner B.

"Rode my harness for the first time yesterday... The pull is so well spread out you don't even realise you're wearing it... Awesome work. Thanks again"
-Alex B

"Beth and I love our new custom fit harnesses. They are so incredibly comfortable and supportive. Yay for you Coleman!"
-Pete R

"The harness felt so good. I can't believe what I've been missing."
-Scott K.

"The time you take is well worth waiting for. If you ever stop making harnesses please let me know so I can buy enough to last the rest of my life. I never want to feel the pinch of a standard harness again. Thanks so much for thinking outside the box!"

"Just to let you know that I have received the harness. Mate, you've got some mad skills. Thank you so much. Couldn't have said it better in the typed letter, it looks like it will serve me well!!"
-Andy Yates

"Harness is working insane. A lot of people have asked how to get one and are amazed at the concept on construction. Super comfy. Keep up the good work."
-Hal T

"Engine harness is unreal. Super comfy and does not move when riding. Would never go back to a regular harness now"
-George Noble

"I've got a bit of an understanding of functional anatomy and I can comment on why this thing works so well. There are a bunch of guys here, experienced kiters who do waves, using seat harnesses to save their ribs. I've been there, seat harnesses suck bigtime, because they shut down the connection between legs and torso, and actually damage the back rather than protect it. (Think someone with weak neck muscles wearing a neck brace to protect their spine, leading to even weaker neck muscles coz they're not getting worked).
Same with the hip. There are complex connections between the torso and legs, and the leg muscles are major supporters of the lower back. The (myofascial) connections run thru the lumbar where the harness sits. The solidity of the Engine allows the lumbar to relax, and allow full communication between upper torso muscles (obliques etc, incl the lats and thus the arms). Soft harnesses not only press up on the ribs and cause tension in the abdominals and serratus (lower back!!!), but especially require the lower back muscles (quadratus, lats, spinal erectors) to work hard to hold it in place. I get much more freedom in the legs because my lower back is relaxed and supported. Leg freedom means more freedom on the board.But it also means less stress being transmitted into my back.

I end a session energized, not trashed.
Happy back, happy rider."
-Denis B.


$300.00 (Excl. CA TAX)
Height *Your height in feet and inches
Waist size *IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THIS MEASUREMENT IS ACCURATE. Waist size in inches at the height of your belly button. Easiest way to measure (if you don't have a soft measuring tape) is put a piece of string around your waist, mark it, then measure the string. Round to the nearest 1/2 inch. Add an inch if you wear 5mm wetsuits or thicker. Measure twice to make sure you got it right.
Custom Graphic (+$50.00)
Make your Engine Harness one of a kind by getting a custom graphic that fits your style - high contrast images work best.
We'll get in touch via email to work out the details if you decide you want one. Check out some example on our Instagram
Add shell color or resin art (+$50.00)
We can do solid colors, fades, acid drips, all kinds of stuff. Specify exactly what you want at the bottom in the special instructions field. Here is an example of the sort of things we can do.
Shell Material *The type of composite fabric used on the outer layer of your shell. Has no effect on performance. Check the gallery at the top of the page for samples of the materials. There are also all kinds of cool composite materials out there we can use like these. If you want something like that its easiest if you order it yourself and have it shipped to us (check with us first that we can work with the material you want).
Logo Color and/or Initials (+$20.00)Logo's are black by default. If you want it to be colored enter in any color or combo i.e. "Blue" or "Rasta". Also enter your initials if you want those. If you want no logo mention it in the "special "instructions" box at the bottom and leave this field blank.
Lining *We recommend neoprene unless you plan on riding without a wetsuit in which case get the knit.
Add Engine Spreader Bar (+$100.00)
A favorite of the goonz! By selecting this option you are ordering your harness to come with our patent pending carbon spreader bar with a sliding attachment point and our patent pending loop entry system. These bars work great in the surf or flat water but do not allow for unhooked riding. Harnesses with this system are not compatible with standard metal spreader bars. If you want to be able to switch back and forth we recommend not using an engine bar and instead having two regular bars, one with a hook and the other outfitted with our  slider kit.
Spreader Bar Pocket *The front of the harness has a pocket that holds the spreader bar in place. Please select the brand of bar you intend on using with the harness.
Goon Balloon (+$80.00)
The Goon Balloon is a patented inflatable bladder built into the harness that acts as padding. They are really comfortable. Please note that they are durable but can break and are not covered by the engine warranty.
3rd Strap (+$15.00)
A third spreader bar strap below the standard two. You don't need one but if you are planning on using the harness with a standard spreader bar with a hook (dakine, mystic, etc) it isn't a bad idea.
Knife Pocket (+$15.00)
Add pocket for a small hook knife.
Add D rings (+$15.00)
All engine harnesses come with two webbing loops on the sides for the attachment of a kite leash or handle pass rope. However some people want stainless steel D rings instead of webbing loops.
How did you hear about Engine?How did you hear about us? Person, internet, magazine? Please be as specific as possible.
Special InstructionsThis is a custom harness built especially for you - any particular requests?